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Authorized Permco Build Center

DNC Hydraulics is now proud to offer the full line of Permco Hydraulic Bushing Pumps/Motors, Bearing Pumps/Motors, Vane Pumps/Motors, Dump pumps, flow dividers, relief valves, filters, and refuse/versa pak.

Crane Lift Cylinder

All cylinder repairs come complete with inspection of all parts and a full warranty when completed.

Pickup & Delivery

Our trucks are on the road every day ready for your urgent repair needs no mattter the size

Harris Baler Cylinder Repair

We can handle the industry’s biggest cylinder repairs. Cylinders up to 40,000 pounds.

Custom cylinder manufacturing and replicating

Limit your down time by replicating your cylinders with a custom manufactured to specification cylinder for your equipment. It does not matter the size or function we have replicated from start to finish cylinders for the following manufacturers: Williams White, CAT, Iron AX, Genesis Shear, Sennebogen, Liebherr, Young and more

Genesis Shear Cylinder

-This Cylinder was rebuilt with a New Gland and barrel machined in house.

New Barrels

When a barrel is beyond repair from honing and a new barrel is a must we have you covered. We machine new barrels daily at a large cost savings to customers and often much faster than one would be from the OEM.