At DNC Hydraulics we consider ourselves more than a hydraulic repair and manufacturer. We are grassroots, gritty, honest, experienced, down-to-Earth craftsmen who care about servicing our customers better than anyone. Our craftsmen are truly a contributing factor to work that matters, a business that is growing, and a legacy that is just beginning.


Cody Conaway

Cody Conaway | Sales Manager

Email: cody@dnchydraulics.com
Phone: (419) 722-3779

Bill Hartman

Bill Hartman | Production Manager

Email: bill@dnchydraulics.com
Phone: (419) 963-2800

Scott Scherich

Scott Scherich | Sales Representative

Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania
Email: scott@dnchydraulics.com
Phone: (330) 432-5633

Blaine Beliharz

Blaine Beliharz | Sales Representative

Email: blaine@dnchydraulics.com
Phone: (419) 889-7018

Nolan Nachtrab

Nolan Nachtrab | Sales Representative

Columbus and Michigan
Email: nolan@dnchydraulics.com
Phone: (419) 421-1022

DNC Hydraulics Graphic


Since 1991, DNC Hydraulics has grown from a garage operation in rural Rawson, OH to become one of the premier hydraulic component rebuilders in the Midwest.

DNC’s history began in 1991 when Dave Conaway started the company in his two-car garage with the help of his wife, Carolyn. In 1999, Dave and Carolyn built a 2,400 square foot building on their property to expand their operations. By 2011, the business had grown to 10 employees and the Conaways bought the property DNC now occupies on County Road 313. Today, 27 years and nearly 30 employees later, DNC Hydraulics has grown to become an industry leader in the Midwest servicing customers in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

DNC Hydraulics Shop in 1991
DNC Hydraulics Shop in 1999
DNC Hydraulics Shop in 2018
“It’s an American dream come true. I never thought I would be a part of an American dream, but as the years went by, I could see it, this is really happening.” 
Dave Conaway

Founder, DNC Hydraulics