Custom Hoists

Custom Hoists, Inc®. is a diversified global manufacturing company based in Hayesville, OH, and a leading telescopic and single-stage hydraulic cylinder supplier.

Some brand logos are shown for aftermarket brand fit only. DNC Hydraulics does not own the rights to the above brand logos.

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PN: 70ST85000451123500


PN: 70ST53000463007200


PN: 70ST85000451122000


PN: 70ST74000456116700


PN: 70ST74000456116100


PN: 70ST74000456115600


PN: 70ST64000448013500


PN: 70ST63000468014000


PN: 70ST63000468012600


PN: 70ST85000451125000


PN: 70ST85000451226500


PN: 70ST95000450025000


PN: 70ST95000450026500


PN: 70ST95000450028000


PN: 40EU05538300612000


PN: 40EU05538300613000


PN: 40EU05538300614000


PN: 40EU06548301015000


PN: 40EU06548301016000


PN: 40EU06548301017000