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Cylinders in Stock

We stock Young and Liebherr grapple cylinders on our shelf.  We offer a cylinder exchange program so the customer does not have to go without their spare grapple cylinder. We deliver as many grapples as the customer may need when we pick theirs up for evaluation.  We also stock Young swivels for exchange.

We offer many other cylinders for exchange.  We commonly have many Caterpillar excavator, material handler, loader, and dump truck cylinders on our shelf for exchange to minimize our customers downtime.  We also stock Liebherr, Terex, Komatsu, Hitachi and John Deere.

We are your source for telescopic cylinder sales. We stock many Custom Hoist stage cylinders and are your certified custom hoist distributor.

Liebherr 954 CHD Stick Cylinder #9308633

CAT 345C Stick Cylinder # 254-4031
CAT 345 Boom  Cylinder # 256-7865 2 090307
CAT B Stick Cylinder # 150-4115
CAT B Stick Cylinder # 150-4125

Grapple Cylinders
Young Grapples
Pt# 15W359
Pt# 15W235B

Liebherr Grapples
Pt# 9241931
Pt# 9245592

Bobcat Cylinders
BCK-7117174 Bucket Tilt
BCK-7208419 Bucket Tilt
BCK-7191555 Boom
BCK-7117667 Lift
BCK-7106456 (6817310) Lift
BCK-7175388 (6810611) Attachment
BCK-7235736 Bucket Tilt- Right
BCK-7235738 Bucket Tilt- Left

Custom Hoist Stage Cylinders
We have many single and double acting telescopic stage cylinders in stock.  If we do not have stock we are usually 1-2 days out.

Reeving Cylinders
Call and ask about our reeving cylinder stock.  We have many reeving cylinders in stock and if we do not have the correct length ready to ship we can usually have one ready to ship in 1-2 weeks.