How Hydraulic Cylinders Are Used

What is a Hydraulic Cylinder?

Hydraulic cylinders are used for creating mechanical force in a linear motion. Hydraulic cylinders are made of a steel tube that is capped at either end with a steel rod sticking out of one side. Interior to the cylinder there is a rod that is attached to a piston. The piston is what separates the internal rod from the internal cap side of the cylinder. Fluid is then forced into either side of the cylinder which will extend or retract the piston rod.

The piston rod is the part of the machine that requires motion. This could be the boom arm that is on an excavator or a platen on a press. Really any application that requires linear application of force is an excellent use of a hydraulic cylinder. There is no other method of linear motion that is stronger or more efficient as a cylinder. Hydraulic cylinders have the ability to extend with force ranging from a couple thousand pounds and all the way up to thousands of tons.

Where Are Hydraulic Cylinders Used?

Hydraulic cylinders are used in many places, many that you might think of are in mobile applications. Examples would include dump trucks, loaders, back hoes, and dozers. The mobile machinery industry relies heavily on hydraulic cylinders for linear motion, because they can push, pull and lift loads of any description.

Hydraulic cylinders are also used frequently in the machinery industry for excavators, loaders, balers, dump trucks and many others. The power density of hydraulic cylinders in unmatchable. This makes them great for presses, compactors, injection molding, and much more. Hydraulic cylinders can be used in literally any linear motion application.

DNC Hydraulic Cylinders

Here at DNC our cylinder techs are experts in repairing, manufacturing, fabricating, and modifying hydraulic cylinders. We service cylinders for steel mills, scrap recycling, construction equipment, crane rental companies, injection mold plants, press composite factories, metal and aluminum casting companies, automotive suppliers, and more! We focus heavily on complex cylinders in extreme environments with high temps and high pressures.

Anything from 40’ telescopic boom extension cylinders to 30” bore shear cylinders, or steering cylinders off dump trucks, we can build your cylinder at high quality and in the time frame that you need it!

If you have any questions about cylinders or DNC Hydraulics please call (419) 963-2800 or visit our cylinder repair page!