Industry Driven Hydraulic Services

Our certified technicians are equipped to minimize your hydraulic repair needs. We restore your hydraulic equipment to new condition and provide a maintenance program to assure the equipment remains intact for the years to come. Whether it is on the road or in our facility, we pride ourselves in being one of the most efficient and effective in the industry

Cylinder Repair

We are experts in repairing, remanufacturing, fabricating, and modifying hydraulic cylinders. We service cylinders for steel mills, scrap recycling, construction equipment, crane rental companies, injection mold plants, press composite factories, and many more. Our hydraulic service is unmatched.

Mobile Service

We offer mobile service for all makes and models of compactors and balers, as well as press repair and injection molding equipment. Our mobile service technicians are fully equipped to handle simple electrical issues to complex floor relines that take an entire crew. We offer additional coverage for emergencies with our 24-hour availability.

Oil Reduction Program

Our oil reduction division are experts when it comes to “make it better and last longer.” Is there any other way? Our goal is to eliminate absorbent materials such as pig mats in your facilities to increase safety and aesthetics in your workplace while saving you money in the long term.

Pump Repair

We service all pump makes and models including Piston, Vane, and Gear pumps. Every pump we service is stripped, mounted, and evaluated to ensure our findings resolve your issues. Within three days we will provide you with an exact quote on price and timeframe for delivery.


The main goal for the DNC Seal Division is to provide the highest quality cylinder in the market for our customers. Our seal shop provides rapid seal and bearing manufacturing out of the highest quality materials. We provide the hydraulic and pneumatic market with materials that are able to handle low pressure and high pressure sealing systems in very contaminated and heated environments.