Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Shop

Your single source solution for cylinder service and repair

We focus heavily on complex cylinders in extreme environments with high temperatures and high pressures. Each cylinder we service is evaluated meticulously to locate the root cause of the problem and allow us to offer the best solution for you. Choose us as your hydraulic cylinder shop.

We can rebuild your cylinder to be better than the OEM quality in the time frame you need. If a cylinder requires HVOF Thermal Spraying, Industrial Chrome Plating, or Electroless Nickel Plating, we will help you select the best process for the application based on the use of the cylinder and the type of environment it is in.

We are experts in repairing remanufacturing fabricating modifying hydraulic cylinders

1 year warranty

One-Year Warranty

We provide a one-year warranty on all completely rebuilt cylinders as long as they are running with clean filtered oil and correct start-up procedures from the service manual prior to our operation. Failures due to contamination are not covered under warranty.