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Oil Reduction Program

Our ORP Tradesmen are experts of their craft. We are dedicated to ensuring a safe and productive working environment for everyone.

Our team will evaluate your situation first-hand, identifying all leak points within the specified area of concern. We will determine the correct sealing material per the application within the facility. We measure the temperature, groove specs, and squeeze to ensure proper sealing for the long term. Then we determine which components need to be addressed and take appropriate steps to reseal them.

ORP Process

Step 1

Cleaning of initial phase

Step 2

UV glow dye application

Step 3

Cycle press and leak detect

Step 4

Identify the source and label

Step 5

Removal and repair

Step 6

Weekly monitoring

ORP Benefits

Reduce Costs Long Term

Reduce Oil Consumption by 70%

Increase Safety

Minimize Downtime

Improved Work Environment