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DNC Gears up for AISTech 2023!

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DNC Hydraulics is preparing to attend AISTech 2023 in Detroit, Michigan.

Experience unparalleled technical exchange and high-quality conversations that will give you a glimpse of DNC’s latest technology advancements. DNC shares a passion for the steel industry, and can help find solutions to your biggest hydraulic cylinder challenges!

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your knowledge. Come witness the latest advancements and breakthroughs in the steel industry at this event. Visit our booth #1339-1341 from May 8-10 to learn about our unique approach and innovative achievements.

Video Transcript:

Hey everybody, Ken Rood here, DNC Hydraulics live at AIST up in Detroit, Michigan. I want to give you a quick walkthrough of the booth today, everything we’re doing, and all the innovation and change in the industry here.

I’ll start with this block. I love this piece. It’s it’s a tilt pour cylinder. We put the plate on it here; this is custom machined in our machine shop in DNC in Rawson, Ohio.

Moving along here, some more custom products out of our machining area. These are slide gate cylinder components, so I’m really excited to have these with us today.

Next one of our glands here, it’s for a a very high-end customer, extremely high-end product, t-slotted wear band material, partnered with several different layers of scraping technology, spring energized seals on the inside too, a lot of redundancy in here. The key objective is really to keep the contamination out of the system and break it down as it goes through.

Rod coating seems to be a big thing, too. This is an HVOF rod coating versus your normal industry standard chrome. HVOF is much harder. You’re looking at about a 70 to 72 hardness here. Traditional chrome is 60, 62, somewhere in there. Coming soon, we’re going to be doing this in-house. It’s going to be a great addition to our company and our offerings.

The fluidmatics machine we have with us today, too. This is going to be able to monitor your ISO codes like instantaneous. Every 3 minutes, this is reading, has a self-contained pump on the inside, along with a laser that actually checks your ISO codes. There’s no need to rent something like this. They are available for purchase, of course, but let our certified hydraulic fluid power specialist come in and help you with that for your applications.

Big screen TVs here; I love what we did here. Our marketing company, JPB Marketing, nailed this one.

The five divisions of our company are really showing it off here. Same thing over here, too. These guys really did a heck of a job for us. It shows the inside, the support, the cylinders, the mobile service, and everything we do at DNC. It turned out awesome.

I’m excited to be here; the show’s going great so far. Stop in and see us if we can help you with anything. DNC Hydraulics: here to help you out.