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DNC Hydraulics’ Oil Reduction Program

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Do you have problems with oil leaks and a mess within your business? We have a solution for you- introducing the DNC Hydraulics Oil Reduction Program (ORP). We know it can be very frustrating when equipment breaks down, but we are here to help. Helping your business get back to running full speed is our business. We will determine the correct sealing material per the application within the facility. We measure the temperature, groove specs, and squeeze to ensure proper sealing for the long term, saving your business time and money!

Our techs are ready to diagnose and repair all hydraulic equipment.

Many Moving Parts

Although valves are small components of your equipment, they are mighty! A single cracked o-ring can compromise the sealed property. We can disassemble and assemble all valves and replace new seals, o-rings, and o-ring backups. If you want to keep your business running efficiently and avoid messy leaks and oil spills.

The purpose of our Oil Reduction Program is to do the following:

  • Eliminate absorbent materials such as pig mats in your facilities
  • Increase safety and aesthetics in your workplace
  • Increase productivity
  • Maintain the longevity of the functionality of your machines
  • Eliminate oil and debris flowing through your building

24-Hour Availability

Have a rush job that requires expediting? We are on the road every day. Our central location and truck fleet allows us to service your needs quickly and efficiently.

If you need help on-site, we’ve got you covered. Contact DNC Hydraulics today at (419) 963-2800 or send us a message online.