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Hydraulic Myth Busting

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One Common Hydraulic Misconception REVEALED

A common misconception in hydraulics is the belief that seals require lubrication to function properly. In reality, they don’t. This misconception often leads to becoming complacent with unneeded maintenance of failing seals. DNC is challenging these old ways of thinking and pushing the industry further, developing hydraulic cylinders that are engineered for longevity and reduced downtime, even in the most extreme environments. By questioning conventional wisdom and embracing innovative solutions, DNC is revolutionizing the hydraulics industry.

There’s been this traditional thought process in hydraulics that seals need lubrication in order to work. What we’re able to do at DNC with the seal manufacturing as well as with the cylinder manufacturing is bring those two together. Not only bring them together but utilize industry-leading materials to be able to run the system from here up dry.

Putting redundancy in the gland incorporating mechanical load allows us to keep contamination out and oil in. We want our customers to push us more and more to keep the oil in, keep the contamination out, and provide the longest cylinder they’ve seen.

Building Update

From Grassroots Beginnings…

admin offices upgrade, redesign, under construction

Our administrative headquarters are undergoing a progressive transformation as we redesign our facilities. Reflecting on our humble origins in a two-car garage, it’s awe-inspiring how a single idea can catalyze such significant growth. Our ascent from a modest starting point to a dominant player in the hydraulic industry is a testament to our unyielding pursuit of innovation, quality, and customer-focused solutions.

Pump & Motor Units

We stock several replacement parts such as cylinders, pumps, cam bearings & rings, seals, and cartridges. Everything in stock is available on our website, ready to be shipped straight to your door! Hit the shop parts button below to get access to everything you need for your hydraulic system to run smoothly and efficiently.